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Cool Kids - Ideas for the Perfect Childrens Bedroom

Cool Kids - Ideas for the Perfect Childrens Bedroom

Designing the perfect bedroom for your child can be rather a challenge.  Consider that the Iggle Piggle’s of today whom they utterly adore will likely soon lose their appeal, and that their storage needs and play areas will be constantly evolving as they grow from babyhood into teenagers.  Of course, you will no doubt redecorate, but it makes sense to design a room which is both practical and stylish, and will have the ability to grow along with your child.

Ideas for the Perfect Childrens Bedroom 

Bold, striking colour schemes are a good bet, as they stimulate and entertain, and hopefully make your child’s bedroom a sanctuary and place they are happy to spend time, rather than fighting having to go to bed in the evenings.  Do be aware that while funky, bright colours suit a child’s bedroom very well, too much riotous colour and design may be over stimulating for some children who require a quieter corner to wind down at bed time.  Most children’s stores do excellent ranges of coordinating soft furnishings and papers to help you to put together a cohesive design which will last, although of course these are often designed to be quite age specific, with tiny bears in muted tones for babies, or girlie flowers and so on for toddler girls.  The most striking rooms are often those that move away from commercial themes and work with an interesting colour scheme and a theme created with separates which give a much more personal feel.  You could create a fairytale room with gingerbread house colours and chunky white furniture; or perhaps an underwater feel with a fish tank and tones of green and blue.

If you want to create something more personal, a bright, inspirational piece of wall art can be a great place to start.  Choose something pleasing to the eye that suits your colour choices, and then build the room from there.  Some children’s furniture ranges, such as Kidsaw or Sweet Dreams Furniture are full of modern, innovative design, and offer pieces to suit most budgets; plain or with a more themed feel.  Soft furnishings are available everywhere, and can be found all over the internet in any colours you could desire, adding a touch of comfort and luxury to your design.

   Ideas for the Perfect Childrens Bedroom
Storage is crucial in most bedrooms, and in a kids bedroom, is an essential design feature.  Although the baby doesn’t seem to arrive home with too much paraphernalia, after your first Christmas the chances are you will soon be longing for a place to hide away clothes and toys! To make the most of the room, it is worth trying to designate areas if you have the space; sleeping, play and storage.  A play area could contain a desk and toybox, perhaps a tented ball pit or book case for favourite toys and books, and a colourful playmat.  Storage should be covered if possible, to keep the room looking sharp and clean, and a combination of wardrobes, shelves and drawers is ideal.

Finally, as with any design, don’t forget lighting.  Interior decoration often relies on clever use of lighting to make the most of any room, and should be created according to purpose in layers.  The large, overhead light will chase away midnight demons, and be useful for getting ready quickly and finding the previous days socks in a hurry, but other forms of lighting are also useful.  A soft nightlight may come in handy, as will a reading lamp once your child is old enough.  A desk lamp will help with homework, and lastly, a bright, funky designed lamp, perhaps a lava or bubble lamp, will add bags of character and more colour to the room.

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