Apple MK Milton Keynes

Repairs ..

We will endeavor to repair apple products regardless of their age. We will determine whether the repair is economically viable and will suggest all the alternatives. When repairing we will offer any possible upgrades as opposed to just fixing like for like.

Diagnosis is free and quotations will be given before repair if required.

Service & Support

This is the centre of our business…..

Independent Apple service and support providers for Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.
Supporting everyone from single home users to large networks. Apple pride them

selves on a high level of service. We aim to exceed those levels in everything we do.

Business solutions…

Does your business use Macs? If the answer is yes them we can help you to get the best out of them and guide you toward the best software solutions. We can train your staff, host your website and email, sort out your databases and put you in touch with our other customers where they can help you.

We can offer service contracts tailored to suit your business. Payable monthly, quarterly or annually supporting you remotely and on site in every area of your IT.


WiFi is great… for convenience… when it works!! It’s also SLOW. Don’t get me wrong its fine in lots of places but you should always check. So often people live with slow internet thinking that is the way it is when the WiFi is the culprit . If you can, always test your connection with an Ethernet cable connection and check the speed, particularly in large buildings and/or ones with thick walls.

Often it is worth cabling from the router to strategic locations and creating individual WiFi Hotspots.